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  • Long experience

    E-xhead has been found in 1999 by Engineers with a very long experience in the field of extrusion process for the Cables and Plastics Industry, in many different sector such has Power Cables, Data Cables, Tube & Pipe etc...
  • Solutions for any cable

    We are able to propose solution of X-Head for almost any type of Cable or Tube productions either with standard or customised X-head design, from single layer to multilayer co-extrusion of different resins.
  • Latest technology

    Our Engineering Department use for our X-Head, Screw and Barrel design latest generation of computer 3D CAD system, as well as Software to calculate best Flow Path to process any type of Polymers.
  • High precision

    E-XHEAD high precision extrusion X-Head give production solutions on this highly competitive market where every material cost saving counts. We insure to our customers to increase their actual extrusion line profitability.


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Universal crossheadsUniversal crossheads

Universal crossheads

crossheads range for single layer + stripes or skin or single layer extrusion


crossheads for single or multi layer extrusion, up to five layers with micro centre technology


crosshead system for flouropolymers extrusion


precision tooling, extreme quality, quick delivery for any type of crosshead
Quick tool exchangeQuick tool exchange

Quick tool exchange

crossheads insert change, multi-layer extrusion, with micro centre technology
Data LAN / Coax.Data LAN / Coax.

Data LAN / Coax.

crosshead system for data lan cables mini coax
Quick color changeQuick color change

Quick color change

crosshead system for quick colour change
Auxiliary equipmentAuxiliary equipment

Auxiliary equipment

easy distributor handling system and hydraulic unit
In line tube and pipesIn line tube and pipes

In line tube and pipes

crosshead system for inline for tube and pipe


multi-component dosing station for the safe dosing of solid and liquid components
Medium and high voltageMedium and high voltage

Medium and high voltage

crosshead system for medium and high voltage cables
Custom crossheadsCustom crossheads

Custom crossheads

our engineering department design customised crossheads for almost any type of applications